​A great new addition to my therapy centre has just ben installed  – a “Yogapeutics” hammock!

I’ve been waiting for its delivery for some time now (after discovering the
resource through Pinterest).  Lots of others must have also discovered Lindsey’s site – as there was a delay while she made more :

See her blog eg:


The use of vestibular equipment is important for most children – but especially for  those who are sensory seekers,

or who may have low resistration of sensation,

or those who are sensitive to changes in their head position and who may need a safe environment to explore and gradually become accustomed to the changing sensations in their inner ear .  The yogapeutic hammock is a means to get this input in a playful, fun and peaceful way

Other ways to get this input is though more conventional hammocks and swings in parks etc, but many children may need a gradual controlled introduction.  To meet your child’s particular needs, check with your occupational therapist – there are many benefits from a tailored sensory diet!