Happy New Year and holiday thoughts – growth and risk

 I had to share this visual found on Facebook – a great one to remind us of the need/dignity of risk which needs to be taken for us to develop, grow and reach our potential. Professor Anita Bundy has done fascinating research into the area of play and her work reinforces the positive force of (reasonable) risk-taking – increasing resilience and facilitating social inclusion.  I was once mistaken for her at a conference (which I took to be a big compliment!)

I was reminded of this last week when babysitting our nearly eleven-month-old grandson.  While I was doing some rearranging of my therapy clinic he was crawling around exploring then found the front door jamb which had an approximate drop of 20 cm to the pavers outside (he took a few big breaths and was up for the challenge).  I watched and hovered but he managed it without me then was climbing in and out with ease within 10 minutes.  Humans seem to be driven by the ‘just-right’ challenge  to master our environment,

Holiday time is a great time for children (and adults) to try new challenges within their comfort zones and have time to achieve mastery.  Its exhilarating!!  (I’m also reminded of older grandchildren who have been mastering balancing on a slackline these holidays).

An occupational therapist can be a great guide to help use your strengths to meet your challenges – in everyday needs and holidays too!