Happy New Year! This visual (found/shared on Facebook) is a reminder that it is important to take risks in order to develop, grow and strengthen.

Professor Anita Bundy has done in-depth research on this topic, establishing that reasonable risk-taking in play for children increases resilience, creativity and social inclusion.

I was reminded of this last week when minding my 11 month-old grandson.  Whilst I was reorganizing my therapy room, he discovered the front door jamb which has an approximate 20 cm drop to the pavers outside.  I watched and hovered, but didn’t interfere, and he took a big breath and crawled down/negotiated the tricky descent.  After 10 minutes or so he was coming in and out of the doorway with ease, beaming and very pleased with himself!

School holiday time is a great opportunity for children (and adults) to attempt and find mastery over new skills and challenges.

My older grandchildren have spent time this year with a slackline – many falls, laughter, and a feeling of mastery!

Humans are driven to master the ‘just right challenge’, and an occupational therapist has skills to encourage, grade and scaffold challenges to enable success. Contact me now!