​Lately I have been researching more about how to help children who have difficultly in motor planning and/or knowing where their body is in space.

The Anat Baniel method was mentioned in a recent online webinar.  Information on Anat’s website : wwww.anatbanielmethod.com and her book “Kids beyond limits” reveal an approach which compliments most of the occupational therapy aproaches eg looking at her nine essentials:

  1. Movement with attention – beinging attention to what you feel as you move – your brain will start builing neurological connections to help you learn (Moshe Feldenkrais’s book Awareness through movement oulines some specific ideas)
  2. Go slowly – to learn new skills and form new neural pathways
  3. Variation – introduce variation and playfulness into everything you do – to create new possiblilites in movemetns, thoughts and actions
  4. Subtlety – reduce the force with which you move, think and act – developing greater sensitivity and enhancing your brain’s ability to perceive fine differences
  5. Enthusiasm – practice enthusiasm in your daly life – this amplifies what is important to you
  6. Flexible goals – knowing your goals (this fits with self determination theroy)  and embrace all the unexpected steps , mis-steps and re-routes along the way
  7. The learning switch – needs to be ON for the brainto properly do its job – expect that you will do, think, or learn something new in each situation
  8. Imagination and dreams – imagine how to carry ot your tasks and dream up as many possiblities as you can –  imaginatin and dreams guide your brain to continue growing and developing
  9. Awareness – become aware of what you are dong, sensing, thinking and experiencing at any given moment. Anat uses the term ‘awaring’ – which aligns with the concepts of   ‘focus’ “concentrating’  and self regulation.

This is a very relevant list, and I’m looking to research further on ways of applying body awarness along with the other features aready in my OT skills set.  ​