​This topic seems always relevant – especially for babies and young children, but also right across the lifespan

At a recent OT meeting, we had a great presentation by Catherine Daly, who had very pertinent and up-to-date information on attachment and related issues.

This and the ensuing discussion reminded me of the core mportance of secure attachment, something that can be worked on at any stage of life.  I revisited earlier learnings from The Circle of Security program and was  reminded of the importance of having your ’emotional cup’ filled (as a parent, carer, support person​ or professional).  This also emphasises the need to connect with and understand where the other person is emotionally.

The discussion also brought to mind a recent book I read “How to be sick” by Toni Erhard who has experienced chronic illness, and who shares her experiences and strategies as to how she has found she can cope with the frustrations.  Great for both the person who is experiencing illness and for their carers.

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