​I am enthusiastic about this topic now, as yesterday I attended the same-named great workshop run by Megan Shiel, Art Therapist and Dialectical Behavour Therapist.  Right from Teacher’s college days when I loved our textbook on Creative & learning development, I have tried to incorporate art and drama in the toolbox of means to  facilitate development.

Megan’s workshop reinforced this concept and modelled ways to provide a safe non-judgemental environment to promote expression, mindfulness,  imagination, communication, understanding and movement. Fantastic!!

Today, I am finding links from other sources to reinforce these ideas also e.g. in todays  Enthos – the optimiser newsletter, there were quotes from Joseph Chiton Pearce “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”  and Pablo Picasso “I am always do what I cannot, in order that I may learn to do it”

Also The Happiness and its causes 7 day Mindfulness Challenge today set The Excellence Challenge – noting that “the average person for 49% of the time has their mind wandering ie doing one thing but thinking about something else” – the challenge is to do particular things with full concentration (like you are preparing for an exam) eg driving, cooking, reading.​

For more specific ideas on art, concentration and motivation, ​​relevant to your child’s needs, consult your occupational therapist.