Be a superhero!

Kids just love superheroes!  They can be inspiring and motivating for them.  Recently the teacher of one little guy that I had been working with told me that he hadn’t been comfortable in using the ‘special’ supportive pencil that I had organised for him, and had thrown it out (he didn’t like being ‘different’)

In talking with Mum and our cool little guy, we found that Batman was a role model for him and Superman was pretty good too!  We were able to set up a home program using these heroes to help.  I also visited the classroom with a “Superhero” powerpoint.  The class all agreed that the special tools and aids that the Superheroes and Sports heroes use were great.  Slides showed also how school kids can use special but cool-looking tools to be the best performer they can be.  As a result, other kids in the class wanted the supportive pencil and our little man was proud to use it!

We began and finished reflecting on how we can all be heroes (like fireman, policemen, soldiers, teachers)  This poster summed up the idea:

I have since reflected that parents are truly superheroes, though human with 24/7 duties!  Janet Landsbury (who wrote NO BAD KIDS: Toddler Discipline Without Shame) recently shared a novel idea – a tool that can help any parent.  She describes imagining donning a Superhero suit equipped with a protective shield that deflects emotional outbursts when her child is having huge meltdown.

she adds that it inspires her to rise above the fray and gain a clearer perspective.  She realises:

This is a VIPM (very important parenting moment) Releasing these feelings is so good for my child.  This explosion will clear the air and lift my child’s spirits.  Staying present and calm, sticking to whatever limits I’ve set and being a safe channel for these emotions is the very best thing I could ever do”

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